Prohibited items for international delivery to Malaysia include:

  • Butane gas lighters and refills
  • Circulars or advertisements containing amulets, charms or talismans
  • Coins or ingots of a value higher than 50 Malaysian dollars, except coins for ornament
  • Firearms, including gas guns, and any component parts of such weapons
  • Harpoons and spear guns used for undersea fishing
  • Lottery tickets and advertisements thereof
  • Pornographic articles
  • Radioactive materials

Restricted items for international delivery to Malaysia include:

  • Coins
  • Banknotes
  • Currency notes (paper money)
  • Securities of any kind payable to bearer
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not
  • Precious stones
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable articles may only

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