Prohibited items for international delivery to Indonesia include:

  • Books and periodicals printed in any Indonesian language and published outside of Indonesia, except educational books approved by the Indonesian Department of Commerce
  • Cloth and batik designs and sarongs
  • Cocoa leaves, dried, undried, or powdered
  • Coins
  • Banknotes
  • Currency notes (paper money)
  • Securities of any kind payable to bearer
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Platinum, gold, or silver (manufactured or not)
  • Precious stones
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable articles
  • Indonesian national currency (rupiahs)
  • Perishable infectious biological substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Used articles including clothing

Restricted items for international delivery to Indonesia include:

  • Articles of gold or silver, including tableware
  • Pens and pencils ornamented with precious metal
  • Calendar watches
  • Linen clothing
  • Natural silk goods
  • Children’s toys operated by steam or electricity
  • Leather goods
  • Coffee essences
  • Coffee substitutes
  • Molasses and sugar substitutes

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